Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is why my office is never clean

In addition to an overflowing desk, a couple bookshelves, a laptop cart, two filing cabinets, and a worktable and book cart that are currently covered in a mountain of books in need of cataloging and processing, the following items can all be found in my office:

* Three spare shelves that I removed while shifting this summer
* A dust mask I wore while cleaning after the flu outbreak last winter
* Two defaced lampshades (one has "I'm on drugs!" written on it. The other has "I [heart] [phallic image])
* A Page-A-Day Origami calendar. Current date: February 27,2007
* A giant plastic container full of yarn, fabric, and knitting needles
* An unused newspaper rack (essentially a table without a tabletop)
* Several empty boxes that I refuse to get rid of, because as soon as I do I will need an empty box
* Two spare trashcans and a sheet of plastic in case the roof starts to leak again
* A laptop cooler. Or warmer. It has to do with temperature and your laptop; it came with the donation of ten boxes of musty, moldy books.
* A beading kit
* A toaster oven

Given all this, it's kind of amazing that my office isn't any more of a disaster.

1 comment:

  1. I think you forgot several sticks of Polly-O String Cheese.