Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is not, technically speaking, library-related, and, blogospherically speaking, I am super late to this story, but for the record:

1) Kids like this are why I became an educator. Not just because his politics happen to align with mine, but because he is thoughtful, passionate, and articulate about his beliefs. Here is a kid who—despite some of the cutesy smirking on behalf of the anchors—demands to be taken seriously; he believes in what he's doing, and has come to those beliefs after consideration of the facts—which is more than you can say about a number of people on either end of the political spectrum.

2) "What's a gaywad?" is, quite possibly, the dumbest question in interview history. And I love how this kid was able to make it clear that this was a stupid question without having to say that it was a stupid question. Despite his suggestion that the teacher jump off a bridge, Phillips is far more diplomatic than most people I've seen interviewed on CNN.

3) His dad rocks my socks. That look of pride on his face is unmistakable.

4) His t-shirt. I want it.

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