Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I feel like this job requires a hat

I know I mentioned something way back when about considering taking on a leadership position in CASL, but can't remember if I made any further reference to that decision. Well, I decided to run for Vice President Intern (which puts me in line to become VP and then Pres).

The election was just held, and in an uncontested election in which surprisingly few votes were cast, I won!

The role of Vice President Intern is fairly undefined; basically, it's a learning year. I do get to go to all national conferences (which CASL pays for).

I also--and this is a new task for the VP Intern--act as Parliamentarian. Which means I need to learn Robert's Rules of Order. Which means I've been trying to read a (thankfully abridged) copy of Robert's Rules of Order. Given that it's a set of rules that's supposed to make meetings clear and efficient, you'd think the rules might be a little more. . . clear and efficient. Holy passive voice, Batman.

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