Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Murder in the library!

When I got home from the wonderful CASL Conference on Monday, I walked into my library to find the following:

Crime tape blocking off the second floor!

Shell casings left on the floor!

Bullet holes in the shelving!

More bullet holes!

And more! Someone was a really bad shot. . .

But the killer eventually hit his mark!

I, of course, knew this was coming. My friend Shawn, who also teaches Forensics, wanted to stage a crime scene, and I eagerly volunteered the library. I wanted to play the victim, but my teaching schedule didn't allow it--maybe next time!


  1. Isn't it obvious? Rhett Butler did it!

  2. Don't you mean Brett Butler? You need to pick someone that murders for a living...Brett murdered A LOT of crappy jokes in the 80's on the comedy circuit

  3. Yes, but how often do you see Brett Butler in the library? I mean, Grace Under Fire never even made it to DVD...

  4. Naturally, whilst you were traveling back home from I plotted and planned this whole thing! Muuwaaaa! No one would suspect such a dastardly double cross! \\FTW!//

  5. Is there anyway to learn more about the crime scene and forensic portion of this? I am currently trying to put together a crime scenes for a gifted group of studens at my middle school and would love to pick your brain and/or whoever else worked on this project.


  6. Hi Aaron--I know the teacher got a lot of ideas from this site: http://www.crime-scene-investigator.net/ , but many of his ideas came from the text book: Forensic Science, an Introduction, by Saferstein (published by Pearson). I also have a file which lists some sites that I'll forward to you.