Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Local girl makes good

Last week I gave a talk at my hometown library as part of their Wednesdays in Wadhams series. The topic was how to find what you're looking for when searching online--focusing specifically on how to use Google to its full potential (there's magic in the sidebar!), a quick look under the hood of Wikipedia, and highlighting some other great online reference resources.

It was a lot of fun. The audience was great (and I'm so grateful so many people showed up on such a beautiful summer night)--and it was awesome that there were so many people there my mom hadn't invited.

In order to introduce myself I made a resume of sorts using Google Search Stories

Here's the PowerPoint for the talk:
Google and beyond
View more presentations from kmthelibrarian

And a couple "action shots" my mom took:

Several people mentioned they'd like me to come back and give another talk, which I'd love to do--guess I need to start thinking of a new presentation!

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