Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Would my microwave make a good audience?

I just finished delivering my conference presentation to my kitchen table, and I can say, based on the reaction, that it's pretty awful. I clearly need to practice more—and fix some significant errors in slide arrangement that made me feel even more awkward than the average person talking to her kitchen table. And add some slides. And be more familiar with my notes. And have more and better examples. And maybe some jokes. And be less nervous. And, generally, suck less. That would help tremendously.

I wish I had a real live person to practice in front of, as I think I would feel less awkward talking to a person rather than my furniture. Or should I try talking to my couch rather than my table?

I am generally pretty confident when presenting to faculty at school--and rarely even practice beforehand. But in presenting to other school librarians I'm worried I'm going to get called out on not knowing or doing something that a "good" librarian would be doing; I'm worried I'm not going to make a good enough case for what I do and why I do it.

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  1. SKM- Look on the bright side! At least you didn't practice in front of the demonic microwave. You know you'd be reading into it's 66:66 reaction. I'm positive you will do well.

    Namaste (I'm still in India for another two days)...Darjeeling tea for you when I get back!