Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's lesson

If you go to a kid's wrestling meet, he will bring back the book that's been overdue since December.


  1. Unrelated question - my requested [second] lesson of the day:

    Why do I have to hit post, get an error message, and then hit post again to post a comment on your blog? (I don't feel like searching for a known ha!)

  2. Follow up- it happens sometimes, but not all of the time.. It seems that in a given session, the first comment posting is a problem, a follow-up seems to work without issue.

  3. I have no idea why that happens--sounds like a PIBKAC error to me. (It happens to me sometimes, too.)

  4. I hadn't heard the term PIBKAC, got really nervous & thought it was yet another database or programming language I should know how to use yet don't... Much better that it be a mock insult :)

    So.. I just hit submit and was again denied. This time I will post a pretty picture.. cos I want to show off TinyGrab..